​Must have, underestimated items during pregnancy – Inkless

By: Eman Fouda

 ​Must have, underestimated items during pregnancy

1. Body Pillow: 

Your best buddy during pregnancy, it really supports your super-sized belly, super comfy, never gets tired of you.

2. Cold cream for feet:

This is an incredibly important item, you might not feel that till you hit the third trimester, some women won’t feel it till 9th month but at some point your feet will burn like crazy and this will soothe a lot.

3. Salty Crackers:

You must always have them in your bag, especially in your first trimester, you might feel nauseated or lightheaded or simply super hungry all of a sudden.

4. Pregnancy Pants:

Those are incredible and expand according to the size of your belly, you will never feel the pressure you  feel with any regular pants and you will not feel embarrassed by having to unbutton them in public.

5. Comfy Cotton Bra:

You will have to say goodbye to your sexy pushup wired bra, your nipples are sore now so go for comfy cotton ones only.

6. Comfy Shoes:

Pick a shoe that is super comfy, goes with everything, and doesn’t need to be tied or zipped, at some point you will not be able to lean over to zip it or tie it.