10 Nice gestures for your significant other – Inkless

By: Eman Fouda

10 Nice gestures for your significant other

Routine can be a death sentence to any relationship when you stop showing your significant other that you still care about her and love her, when you start to assume that she already knows and start taking her for granted. Women need constant reassurance and not just by words, so here are some simple nice acts that will show her that you still love her and care enough so enjoy:

1. Cook for her: 

(Don’t order food and make it look like you’ve cooked it, trust me she will know) almost every woman loves a man who would cook for her especially if it’s delicious.

2. Hug her for no specific reason.

3. A surprise text in the middle of the day: 

Even if you just text her saying hi, that would be enough to make her know you are thinking of her.

4. Take her out: 

Just the two of you to some place new or to her favorite place.

5. Buy something for her:

Chocolate, roses or anything she likes (It doesn’t have to cost  a great amount of money).

6. ​Tell her how your day was without her asking.And ask her about her day.

7. Surprise her with a handwritten note that says I love you, thank you or any random honest thought you might have.

8. Watch her favorite movies with her

9. Always hold her hands while walking together

10. Always listen to her