3 Affordable Ikea items for your Room – Inkless

By: Samar El-Morally

3 Affordable Ikea items for your Room

It is officially vacation here, and thankfully, Sanawya 3amma  got their freedom, so we could all have some free time. Moms will be super happy if you decide on making some changes and organizing your space a bit. Here are three affordable items from Ikea I found very helpful to organize my messy room:

​1-Clothes Rack:

Price: 295 L.E
 I share my wardrobe with my mother, and like all other families, our wardrobe is filled with all the stuff we don’t use in the current season, and this leaves me with a very small area to put my clothes in, and I find it so consuming to put everything in its place, so I simply, got a clothes rack, from ikea, back then when it was SUPER affordable, and it was so convenient as it was easier and cheaper to get this rack than to get a new wardrobe for me.
So throughout the year, it gets stacked and eventually feels like a crowded wardrobe as follows:
For me, it looks pretty good, but it gets messier when I try to take a blouse, and pieces start falling, so when it gets to this point, I follow some simple steps:
 1- I take everything off the rack, and I create three piles. One for things that I want to wear this season and I like, one for things to be put away, if it won’t be used in the current season, or if it won’t be used currently, and one pile for things to get rid of. This is a great way for charity, if it’s something you don’t reach for, then it needs a new home. This leaves you with more space, and that piece of clothes gets a new home.
 2- I put back everything, and I put all the pieces back on the same type of hangers, in the previous pictures, I had so many hangers, I wish I could stick with the colored ones, but no matter how I try to use them, these black ones always win thanks to the “Makwagy”.  Then I put on my “to go purse” on the rack.
 3- For even a better view, try always to remove any extra pieces, any extra unorganized space. So I decided to remove everything from the ground beneath it, and it indeed looks way cleaner.

2-Storage boxes:

 This is a simple way to make the shelves inside any wardrobe look pleasant, as no matter how tidy and organized mine look, once I pick something out, everything gets mad inside. I put bins inside my shelves, so when things get messy, they will already be inside the bins and the mess is more controlled.
Price: 30 L.E
I stacked all my pants in one bin, by equally folding them like this:

3-Colored boxes with lids, Pack of three

These can be used in drawers as little organizers. I always had stacks of bracelets and hair ties in the drawer, so I put them in these boxes and the lid makes it look more contained, and I put them on the shelf soI can easily pick my things and go. 

These are just small changes to start with in your room. Let us know if you enjoyed this article, for upcoming organizing tips.

Price: 29 L.E