5 Minutes Crafts: Sunglasses Straps – Inkless

By: Samar El-Morally

5 Minutes Crafts: Sunglasses Straps 

You remember those colored silly straps we used to wear with our eyeglasses back when we were in elementary school? Guess what, they are coming back, but luckily they are more wearable and adjustable. Also they are very handy, so keep reading on, to know how to make your own super easy sunglasses straps.

In the image above, are the supplies you need, you don’t have to get all of them, I just added options, but the main common things are:
-Scissors, and pliers
-Metal clamps and jump rings (The small metal circles used to attach chains or charms together,you can get them from any craft store like: Kol shee2 or Elnomrosy). 

1- The Ribbon Strap:
-This one is super-duper easy, all you have to do is to measure the ribbon to your desired length, and keep extra 3 cms to both ends.
​- As shown in the image below, get your metal clamp, and put the ribbon through it then pull on it tightly with the pliers, and cut any excess. 
​It will look like something like this: 
​Nerdy but colorful 😀
2- Beaded Straps:
We will use beads as the strap this time. I chose small multicolored beads but you can be more creative and add different sizes and materials.
-Start adding beads to the elastic band or thread.
​After adding all the beads to the length of thread you want, you need to add one of these small metal clamps, or this metal small bead, you squish it with the pliers and it secures the band. 
​I ran the thread again through 2 or three beads, then after squishing the metal bead I cut the excess thread. 

Here is how it looks: 

3- Metal Chain Strap:
 This one is the easiest and the fastest too. I simply chose a necklace I already had, a metal chain one, and I thought it added some style, for a change.

  • I only used one of the chain’s ring, and attached it to the handles of the glasses. 
​The metal chain already had a tassel, so why not!
That’s how it looks on: 
​ This is just my add on the Eyeglasses straps, it makes them handy to wear and you can adjust and add many colors as you like, it’s quirky and fun for this back to school season. Hope you liked this 5 minutes crafts tutorial and wait for more.