By: Gihan Khairy

8 ways to manage your anger!

Sometimes we have hard days that pass by, extraordinary moments full of anger and violence resulting from emotions.
Anger management is one of the most difficult situations to deal with, it’s hard to control a flow of thoughts in our minds when it takes place but we can handle it or we will try to handle it as much as we can.
Putting all the negative energy that bothers you is the best way to heal yourself and here we summarize some activities that may help you; 
One of the most powerful treats you could have, not only because its’s simple but also it gives you the energy you need when you want to sleep peacefully or when you want to start your day energetically.
Mosaic art
Art always gives pleasure to senses and emotions, putting pieces together to make something unique and beautiful, it heals souls and makes people more stable and okay. All kinds of Art heal the soul and make us okay even by looking at it, at its details. 
Of course, doing any sport offers us more space to have some time alone and think, then push the negativity out with our efforts. Try running, Playing Basketball or Volleyball, try to play with friends too, it’s always fun and influencing.
The most effective way to gain experience, meditating, meeting new people and making new friends. It’s not always available but it’s very useful, Give it a try… 
Bookworms will get me 😀 , have a cup of Hot chocolate or Coffee , Take your book , sit in a Cozy Chair and take a break from Life.
 This option is the most common, listening or playing music has a great effect on being comfortable and powerful. Dance also has a great power, it leaves us Happy and different, feeling young whatever happens. 
Handmade Stuff
We all love to wear or make something unique and beautiful, feeling like you achieved your goal to reach something great always make us way better. Try to make Accessories or anything related to Crafts. 
The best way to be okay is to buy something, of course.
Girls love this option and especially buying makeup or Nail polish, whenever a girl is upset in front of you just mention shopping and she will Smile, and of course shopping includes Food… mention food and she will laugh :D.
We can’t tell you how to deal with yourself, we were just giving options and you will do whatever makes you feel happy and okay. Anger or Depression isn’t always a good choice, negative power could kill. Just treat yourself the best way you deserve, because no one deserves to be mistreated.