Anxiety is swallowing my best friend – Inkless

By: Malak Tera

Anxiety is swallowing my best friend

A couple of months ago, I was happy, life was okay, and I was burden-free up until I got smothered by the feeling that I might lose my best friend. Not because of something I did, and not because of something she did, but because of anxiety; the monster that has been swallowing my best friend up.
Everyone feels anxious from time to time, it’s normal. What isn’t normal is when this anxiety turns into distress that interferes with your happiness and prevents you from pursuing your life ordinarily. It dulls you down and takes you away from people, but I don’t want my best friend taken from me. Therefore, I need to fight this. But how do you save people (let alone, your best friend) from this malicious anxiety monster? 

1- Let them know that no matter what, you’ll be there. 
People with anxiety are inclined to assume everyone is going to leave, so you have to convince them that you won’t, and make sure to show them too how much you care.

2- Share their likes with them.
Let them forget about what’s weighing them down even for a little bit by letting them invest their time in something they are passionate about, with someone they are close to.

3- Remind yourself that they are worth it. 
It might be hard sometimes; you might get the feeling that they are pushing you away, and you might even be the target of all the rage, but if you are there to fight with them through this, you would better do it right
4- Reassure them that it’s always okay.
When in distress, you never trust that enough.

5- Make sure they stay away from the negative people.
Even when they aren’t depressed, nobody likes negativity.

6- Listen.
Sometimes all you have to do is absorb the venting, the ranting and the babbling. Even if you don’t have a solution, just listen and comprehend. Sometimes people don’t need advice they just need a good listener.

7- Understand that they are not overreacting.
Don’t you dare tell them they are, because that will only make you a misinterpreting senseless enemy. Truth is, they are not being irrational, that’s really how they feel and they can’t help it when they get too angry or too sad.

8- Answer them whenever they need you. 
Don’t deliberately miss that call or ignore that text to avoid the drama. Enduring the drama will definitely get you to see what’s beyond it, plus, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Whatever you do, just be up for the trust a friend gives you, help out when you can and never give up, and remember that caring, listening and loving are keys for any friendship, if you lost these keys you may never win your friend again if you once lost them.
No matter what happens between friends, anxiety shouldn’t win.