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20 Moments that make our lives worth every minute

By: ​Samar El-Morally, ​21/7/2016

Amidst this hectic life of ours; the non-stop work, the trial and errors, the thinking about tomorrow and stories from the past and the what is yet to come questions. We forget to live, we forget about our NOW. Without the moment of Now, we live unceasingly. Actually, we do not live, we sleep and wake up to sleep again, we drown into a grey aura of sadness, boredom and depression. But, there are little things here and there that add meaning to our 24-hours. Like that perfect seasoning on your salad and that pinch of salt on your pasta. These things are very simple that we overlook them and take them for granted but without them, we fall into this boring depressing routine. We should enjoy the small things, never take them for granted and live every second of our lives.
With that said, my all-time favorite quote that I live by, which speaks for itself (and fits this situation):

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, 
                                    It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

The simplest great things to be thankful for are right under your fingertips: 

  1. The first sip of the morning coffee that hugs you and holds your hand to start the day. 
  2. The first sip of iced juice in this summer’s heat.
  3. A cold shower, with your favorite shampoo.
  4. That magical moment when the waiter brings your food, slow-mo kind of moment.
  5. That first slice of pizza, melted cheese, drenched in ranch sauce. 
  6. When you see someone you have been waiting for in the airport.
  7. That soreness after an amazing workout that makes you feel proud of yourself.
  8. The smell of freshly cut grass with a breeze of cooling air in summer.
  9. The smell of rain in winter time and the after rain mood.
  10. Fluffy winter blankets and socks.
  11. That bed hug after long day of work with a cold cloudy pillow awaiting you.
  12. Crisp clean bed sheets. 
  13. Feeling fresh after getting your hair cut.
  14. That perfect hair done at the hair salon that no matter how hard you try to do at home, you cannot and that is what makes that feeling well appreciated.
  15. That perfect jeans that fits you well that you do not wear any other pants.
  16. That perfume that reminds you of dear memories and places. 
  17. “You did great”.
  18. Singing your heart out with zero care given when hearing your favorite song. 
  19. Long walks, with no purpose, just to keep moving.
  20. Last but not least, finding out that you are loved and appreciated.  

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