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By: Malak Tera 16/10/2017


 One of the biggest regrets lots of people have about their lives is that they didn’t enjoy their 20s enough. It’s not about the “take an adventurous trip to Europe” type of enjoyment, but mostly about the peace of mind, the ability to take a deep breath while sitting in the morning breeze thinking you’ve done your part and you’re trying to make the best of what you have. So here are 20 things you have to do or learn in your 20s to enjoy that peace of mind now or later
1-Speak up when you feel oppressed.
It’s not okay to be overruled and unheard.

2-Never fear commitment.
One day or another you will have to commit to something, whether a relationship or a job or even a certain habit. Commitment isn’t boring or scary like it seems.

3-Let nobody force you to be somebody you are not.
Do it while you are young to develop in the direction you want, only.

4-Set your priorities.
Decide what matters and what doesn’t, so you can invest your time, energy and even money into what’s worthy.

5-Don’t overreact.
Take things more lightly. Being fidgety or emotional will get you nowhere. We always learn new stuff every day

6-Put somebody else above yourself often.
Don’t be self-centered, not everything is about you.

7-Don’t let putting people above yourself make you forget yourself.
Having some “me” time is essential too. You have to focus on your own needs and desires.

8-Don’t worry about your looks.
It’s a waste to stress over your body or skin type. Everybody is beautiful in their own way after all.

9-Be kind and forgiving.
Forgive in order to forget .This is really important , we are not Gods to judge but we have to forgive and always be kind.

10-Read books.
Reading is always the best way to escape the world whenever you are angry or depressed. Not only this, but never pass a day without reading. books, Novels or even newspaper

11-Learn new languages.
Do it while you can and while you have the time and energy. It is very important

12-Don’t be afraid of your thoughts, your emotions, your creativity.
Don’t be ashamed or hold them back for later. Let it all out on the table.

13-Live within what you can afford.
Don’t overspend or limit yourself in order to save for the future. It doesn’t work out this way.

14-Always say the truth, and ask for it.
Saying the truth will always make you feel happy and not stressed and maybe get away the troubles.

15-Connect with your family.
Teenage years aren’t exactly the time when we have perfect relationships with our parents, let alone the whole family. But as you walk into adulthood, being family-oriented is important.

16-Don’t settle.
This is the time to keep moving. Don’t settle or slow down for a relationship, a way of living or even a life goal to avoid boredom and routine. You don’t want your life becoming mundane or less exciting early on.

17-Ask questions.
Never stop wondering, exploring and finding answers to the simplest and most complex questions.

Don’t disregard your cravings. Life is too short to miss out on the good-looking cupcake in the window of a good pastry shop or that perfect cheesy pizza slice. But don’t forget your vegetables. No limitations, but no regrets.

19-Talk to God.
With or without problems.

Most importantly; 
20-Learn to be happy.
Don’t save your happiness for when you achieve something, find a job you love or even find the right partner. If you don’t learn how to make yourself happy, you will never be.

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