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7 worst types of MEN

By: Eman Fouda ​14/7/2016

Not to offence any guys out there, but yes unfortunately, these 7 types do exist!

1. The non-appreciating

This is the best one; he is a good man, he’s nice and caring most of the time, but he just thinks that you sit around all day doing absolutely nothing, while he’s the one who busts his a** out there.  No matter how hard you work, and how tired you look, no matter what your job is; if you’re the president, you still do nothing. Because he, does something in his life, while you, do nothing at all.

2. The judging and non-appreciating

This one is slightly worse than the one we mentioned. He is not only non-appreciating, he doesn’t just say “Hwa enty bte3mly eh ya3ny”, he also judges you in every way. He doesn’t like the way you look, the way you cook, the way you talk…bla bla bla. In this very case, this guy is probably always envied about his wife but he just can’t see it, Rabna ma3aky.

3.The weak and non-appreciating

This one here is a total loser. He stays home all day in his underwear and doesn’t even think of moving a finger. He just blames you all the time. He wants to be served 24/7. You literally do everything, sometimes even paying the bills. Yet, he still has the guts to scream at you if his dinner isn’t ready or you look tired or for whatever reason that comes to his mind. Most probably this guy is fat (not just fat but, b kersh as well) and smells. Why waste your time with him anyway?

4. The jealous and non-appreciating

He is so possessive; he thinks that being extremely jealous is directly proportional to his masculinity. You are not supposed to talk to anyone, laugh loudly anywhere or God forbids have your own career. He justifies this stupidity by saying that it’s because he loves you and that you should focus on your real life job that you don’t do so well which is, taking care of him and of course, the house. Who are you to have a life aslan? Don’t fall for that sh*t.

5. The abusive and non-appreciating

So far, the previously mentioned are perfect, no, not what came to your mind. …Perfect compared to this one. So far, he is worst type ever. Don’t risk a minute with this guy, don’t justify, don’t say it happened just once but deep down he is a good man because, I’m sorry to say, he’s not. Just run for your life. Better safe than sorry.

6. The cheater and non-appreciating

This type is really contradictive (yeah, ensan motanaked). First, he showers you with gifts, no, not out of love but rather out of guilt. The appreciation and the sweet talk are fake. But then, when you find out, he justifies his doing by saying that you’re not good enough, you are worthless…etc. I don’t know which is worse, a cheater or an abusive senseless person? You deserve better pretty lady.

7. The flirty and non-appreciating

This guy is my favorite; he is sweet and nice to everyone, especially girls. You stand there on fire, wondering why on earth he isn’t treating you like this. Then it hits you, he was, that’s why you married him in the first place. What makes it worse is that every woman in the room wishes a husband like yours. They – for sure – think that he must be showering you all day with sweet talk and helping you. The non-appreciating beast thinks you should thank God for having a husband like him. Well, he is not that bad after all, at least he can be tolerated, unlike his previous two friends. 
To be fair, there are still good guys out there (somewhere unknown)! So don’t lose hope

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