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By: Malak El-Shamy ​8/2/2017

Life is everything, maybe too many things, or maybe just one thing, or maybe it’s nothing at all.
 We ask too many questions about life; for instance: what is our purpose? what happens after life? And more questions follow, while expecting a sole answer and that’s where we all went wrong.  What if life is neither fire nor ice? Not sweet and yet not sour? That leaves one more question: what is it then? too much unanswered questions that leave us extremely Confused.
Life is but a reflection created by who we are, it is only a plane mirror of what we allow it to make of us. It is a choice we make every single second with every blink and every time we expand our chests reaching for air, for life.
Living is hope and despair, love and hate, joy and misery all together and all at once. It truly is everything and nothing. For all we know from history life is only a breath, it is not knowing, it’s just a wild chance at living.
“Darkness is the absence of light, so is evil and so is good. For how far can we go and how long can we live? Death is not the absence of life, but the absence of living.”

For me, life is splashing colors on one empty board, but we all see our favorite color dominant to all the others, because life is just who we are. We all live in one huge reality composed of our little worlds combined to form a master piece.
So, life is all our nothings together in the void, but taking a step back, two three four steps back, and there lays life waiting for us to define it, waiting for us to answer our questions, waiting for us to create it and call it ours and be able to change it whenever we are not satisfied with it.
The length of time is known by death
Days may bleed out on the wrath of seconds
But eternity shall not be wounded in reverse
A fog of memories clouds our judgment
We shall see what we only see
Only that one doesn’t realize the ocean that meets the tip of the sky
To complete one another… all just one, but leaves the pieces behind
That forms the reflection of my projection
Just different shades of blue, but seems that its color blind
Only the vision of a blind eye can see the difference
And its sight would see the resemblance

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