Happily Ever After


By: Malak Tera 15/4/2017


Are you an attention seeker
​just playing hard to get?

Don’t ignore me I am ignoring you” 
Where will ignoring take you?

It sucks when you are ignored by a person whose attention is important to you or maybe even the only thing you want in the world and on the other side you do the same because you are just stubborn or you can’t understand what is going on. So, you lose each other.Being ignored is hard, but what’s even harder is how they make it look so easy. However, you never know if that’s how they really feel because we only keep hiding behind charades to make the other learn a lesson or get the feeling that they shouldn’t take us for granted.
Sometimes you walk away not because you want to leave, but because you want to be followed, because you want to know your worth.Likewise, sometimes you stay silent because you are waiting for them to take the first step. You keep thinking what if they don’t care or what if they are more comfortable without your nagging. On the other hand, they might be just thinking the same about you. But how will you ever know if you keep ignoring them? You just want them to break the ice, but where will that get you if they are doing the same? Don’t you just hate it when two people are sitting right across each other, both dying to talk to each other, yet ego and stubbornness stand in the middle, preventing them?There should be a limit to how much you ignore somebody if you are mad because it mostly sends wrong vibes. They might be thinking you want nothing to do with them anymore. There should also be a limit to the idea of the reverse psychology of ignoring someone because you like them. That never appealed to me enough and I don’t really understand how by ignoring someone, you are seeking attention or sending a hidden message that you’re interested.  Ignoring someone is not much of craving attention as much as it’s about testing how much they care or wanting to know if they feel the same about you, so you wait for them to make the move.

On a different thought, by ignoring someone you may be playing hard to get, so in some cases that could bring you the attention you’ve been wanting but it could also backfire if they’re doing the same because then, you won’t be playing the game according to your rules. Nobody is sure what the other person is thinking, or what they want. Basically, you have no idea, so it has the potential to go horribly wrong.
Maybe all you need is confrontation, speaking to the person involved and finding out all about everything.

​Communication is the key to any successful relationship so that could be a winning alternative, unless of course you like the mystery and the risk.
This whole scenario is nothing but playing games, but you have to watch out because you don’t want to end up losing the other person in cold manner. The game is tricky.

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