Are you depressed ?!

Eman Fouda, 9/7/2016


Are you depressed ?!

We’ve definitely heard about the word “depression”. But how can we be sure whether we’re clinically depressed or we’re just people thinking they’re too sad. 
Depression has many types and levels, for all you should know. Never underestimate the ability of depression to take over your life. Here I write 10 symptoms that an actual depressed person would feel:

1. Apathy and complete lack of emotion.

You’re not laughing nor crying, you completely lack emotions and you simply don’t care anymore and it gets extremely hard to fake emotions.

2. You don’t want to move or change your place; the idea of getting out is extremely painful.

And painful, as in you might break down at the thought of it.

3. You always prefer to be alone. 

You have an urge to stay away from people; you literally wish to be invisible – no exaggeration-.

4. You don’t care.

You don’t care how you look, you don’t care how you act and of course, you don’t care how people think you should look or act and the more they don’t like it, the more you enjoy it.

5. Oops I forgot.

You always forget everything, you can’t concentrate on doing or remembering the most obvious things, and the relation between the importance of the things you forget and how frequent you forget them is completely irrelevant. You completely lose focus in life.

6. You are not here.

No matter who is around or what you’re talking about, most of the times you’re not there. Your head is in a completely different place and you don’t even know where you are.

7. Insomnia.

You don’t easily fall asleep it may take you hours of misery to get your eyes closed. Though, some people over sleep.

8. If you manage to get to sleep, it seems impossible for you to wake up. You hate the idea of waking up. You wish you would just sleep forever. 

9. We agreed that you don’t care and you don’t have emotions but for some reason out of nowhere, go completely hysteric shout and scream at everyone and this, my friends, usually end in a break down or a panic attack.

10. You can’t imagine a future (good or bad) with you in it, it seems like a fading area and your greatest wish is for this day to pass.  

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