DON’T be the obstacle in your kid’s life

By: Eman Fouda ​21/7/2016

There are so many books and articles that can be read on how to deal with kids at different ages but from where I stand, I see that there are no specific guidelines; after all, every child is different, every family has its own method that might work with one kid but not with the other and every family has a different culture, background with a different standpoint about life. So, the method is entirely yours, you get to decide how to raise your little one, what is ok and what is not, however, there are ground rules you should always keep in mind.
  1. Your purpose is NOT to shape your kid the way YOU see is good for him, but rather, you simply guide him.
  2. You cannot fully protect your child and provide him with everything; you can only try your best.
  3. Like it or not, remember that you will not always be there, you can’t solve every problem, heal every wound, prevent every sad moment. One day your kid will have to deal with his issues alone in his own way.
  4. Don’t underestimate or diminish your young one’s ability, believe me when I say, he will have plenty of them (abilities) when he is out in the world.
  5. You are like a wall and your kid is like a climbing plant, he needs you to support him as he grows and prospers, he gets his strength from your strong affirmative stand in his life.
  6. Speaking of walls, even though you are the wall that he leans on as he grows, you cannot hold him or shape him, he has to grow on his own; you just have to be there.
  7. You know how they say you should always talk to your children? Of course you should do but you also need to listen and act. Your kid will always do what he sees right, not necessarily what he hears. Who are we kidding right? Children never listen to what we say anyway, but surely, he’ll imitate you, especially at times when you’re not paying attention.
  8. Stay by your kid’s side; Give him the trust he needs. It’s a not a fight and if it is, the fight should not be between both of you. It’s you two against the world. 
  9. Don’t let anyone tell you how to treat your kids, or belittle you as a parent. You’re the only one on this planet who understands them more than anyone. Make mistakes, we’re all human, we make mistakes, but that will NEVER make you a bad parent.
  10. Remember that your kid can survive without the best home, trendiest car or latest toys and technology but his life will be a living hell without a caring, supportive warm family.

​Finally, remember what they really need is not what you think they should have.

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