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By: Malak El-Shamy, ​6/10/2016

Traveling, what a magical experience, what a thrilling occasion in life, what a journey it must be  to pursue all that is beautiful around the world, all that is perhaps in a mystical universe, that is unlocked before you.

A traveler, a seeker of life, a searcher for something more, something more meaningful, more real, more live-full, more true to what they are. For what is the possibility of finding who you are in another continent, on a different land, in the palm of someone else.

A settler, is a satisfied man, humble in his asking, modest in his day, either an acceptor or has already found his potential where he is at. You are not defined by your site, but by who you make yourself in the place you inhabit.


 But, I am neither, I am neither a traveler who seeks herself somewhere else, and I am not someone who seeks a higher meaning in life, as wherever I dwell I believe there is meaning, there is beauty, and there is life. Nor am I a settler, for I am not modest, I am ambitious, I want something that is not here, something that is missing in my home.


I have been around, I have went and came back a couple of times to distant places, frankly opposite poles of the world, and it has been an experience that shaped who I am today. The sky was different wherever I went, I went to places where it was still day as I was having dinner, I went to places where we were throbbing with heat but it rained like it would at the heart of winter. The air was different, as if different nations breathe differently, the roads they took every day was different from ours, the coffee they sipped everyday tasted and smelled differently. The people had different skin, they even walked and talked differently, not in language, but it was something else.

In conclusion, I now have an opinion, that was never there before I went somewhere away from home, before I met different people. I now have more than one mind that speaks to me, I am now sensitive to areas of the world that I used to feel disgust towards, I now disrespect people I looked up to. I finally know more, I now know more than I ever could while I just stayed at home. But traveling never taught me the lessons I most cherish, it never taught me family, it never taught me belonging, and ownership, it never taught me peace.

It is safe to say that both experiences are way too essential to overlook, you are never who you might be without either, you are never your maximum potential without either.

Thus, I am found wherever there is a lesson, I am found wherever I can alter, I am anywhere I can become something more. Who you might become is not a certain place or a certain time, it is everywhere and right where you are at. I am neither a traveler, nor bound to home, I am everywhere I might be, I am everywhere I might find me.

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