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“Lamis” the superhero who started as a drug dealer

By: Omar El-MAghraby, Omar Mohsen, Abd El-Aziz fouda, ​28/7/2016


Safia Baraka and Hamed Yehia are the founders of “Lamis”, Egypt’s first female superhero.

Most people know that Safia Baraka is the writer and Hamed Yehia is the one who drew the Characters, but what people don’t know is that they are an amazing married couple with the sweetest home filled with Hamed’s drawings of superheroes like batman and joker.

Safia was the Directing Assistant and Hamed the Cinematographer in the band’s “Takh” songs (Pakinam and Da walla da). At the beginning they wanted to present “Lamis” as a movie. But they faced many obstacles, such as in the production process. They wanted to present the movie their way, and that wasn’t approved by many producers. So they decided to jump out of the box and present it as a comic, but then they faced another obstacle, because any printed comic is treated as a magazine and needs very complicated procedures so they finally decided to put it online through an application called “Koshk comics” (Available on App Store and Google Play).

The online comic “Lamis”, is about a girl who worked as a dealer since a young age and for some reasons, she started developing superpowers. They were not sure if people would like it, but the beauty of the idea is that it is different and unique, nothing cliché and nothing repeated, so their 1st issue was a hit and they got very supportive feedback. They still think they can turn “Lamis” into a movie but by their own terms and it may be online.
In my opinion “Lamis” was a hit because it discusses many issues, socially and so much more, they didn’t present the story as a simple conflict between good or evil but how nothing is absolute, we all have both sides somehow, and that you can’t judge something from the first look, you simply have to accept people the way they are with all their faults and mistakes. 
Also what makes Hamed’s drawings special is that he views them from a perspective of a director not just an artist, which makes it closer to a story than a mainstream comic. 
So comic geek or not, if you still haven’t read the 1st issue of “Lamis” you are definitely missing a lot, we are looking forward to more issues and seasons to come! Download the application “Koshk” and take a look! (Available on App Store and Google Play) it istotally free.

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