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Who said that life beyond the comfort zone is the best option?

By: Malak Tera, 10/10/2017

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, a sentence we constantly hear from so called “motivational speakers” or believers of the -not quite realistic- fact that leaving our comfort zones is the only way to be successful. But is it? Since when does one have to leave their comfort zone in order to be an achiever? And for that matter, what happened to being comfortable with what you are doing and where you are
Our comfort zone is merely just a “safe zone”; a place we’d rather be, in fear of failure, uneasiness or perhaps even embarrassment. It’s basically a behavioral space which provides a state of mental security.
​There’s a thin line, which people often don’t see, between having a comfort zone and having a daily routine. In fact, escaping your routine is a great idea and a perfect way to reduce boredom and anxiety. It’s about doing something new or exciting, but is this what breaking away from your comfort zone mean too?
Perhaps not.
A little excitement in one’s life might not be a way out of one’s comfort zone like it has been claimed. In point of fact, getting out of your comfort zone could be about doing things out of character or taking unnecessary leaps of jeopardy.
There are times when we need to take some steps to grow and move forward, but mostly, we feel that these steps might be scary. That’s normal because humans naturally fear the unknown. The absolute idea of not knowing what’s out there is definitely uncomfortable, but isn’t it at all worthy to take the risk?
That’s only for you to decide, not for somebody else. No matter what people say and even if they’ve tried it themselves, they can’t tell us what or what not to do because in the end we are not all the same.
Contrary to what has been believed, you don’t necessarily have to get out of your comfort zone to be successful or achieve something as much as that you have to adapt that there’s a whole lot of other options for you, and there’s more to explore. Relatively, being 100% safe is practically impossible. Life sometimes throws things at you against your will and that will force you to act beyond your level of comfort. Hereby, you just have to accept and adapt. Yet, facing unpleasant and discomforting  situations is definitely not the norm so what you need to do is try to expand your comfort zone, not get out of it.
​It’s not reaching out for the exact opposite of what you think is appropriate that’s right. It’s more about accepting the idea that more can still be good to you. It’s about realizing that other options may exist for you the same way they exist to other people, and that you can explore them any time you want. No pressure, it’s just possible. You can achieve a lot and still be comfortable. You only need some will power and trust that you are capable of doing more than you think you can.
Anyone who’s ever pushed themselves to get to the next level or accomplish something above average knows that when you really challenge yourself, you can turn up amazing results. And that’s, most likely, when you break out of your “routine” not your “comfort zone” because you can still do that within your level of personal satisfaction and convenience. On the contrary, pushing too hard can still end up negatively and then add up to the idea that challenging yourself is a bad thought. Sometimes even such motivational phrases often backfire because it’s not easy taking leaps in the direction of uncertainty and discomfort.
The only way getting out of your comfort zone will work towards a positive direction is if you’re not actually happy or exactly comfortable with where you stand now.
One way or another, comfort is a key to success, so whether it’s beyond the “safe zone” or within it, you have to be at ease with where you’re headed because “you won’t be happy at the destination if you couldn’t be happy on the journey”.

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