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How lucky can you be?

By: Malak El-Shamy 28/10/2016

Things that feel unusual or even impossible are actually fairly common. Things that seem like magic,

incomprehensible or unlikely actually occur every day in hundreds of thousands of lives, and they are called coincidences.

A coincidence is a striking occurrence of something unlikely to happen, sometimes people call it an accident, sometimes people call it luck, others believe it is fate. Coincidence is a diminutive form of a miracle that befalls often in our lives, it defies the phenomena of a miracle, for what makes it special is its secretive nature.

Coincidence is where you do not have an explanation for what your senses feel, it is where you go stagnant and crease your eyebrows wondering how what happened just happened.

Coincidence can go from meeting someone you know in a train station to winning the lottery 4 times!
Joan Ginther, might be known to be the luckiest woman alive, or a serial lottery winner, who  won Texan lottery FOUR TIMES!

What are the odds that one person will win the lottery not only once, but 4 times, it has been calculated and the answer is 18 septillion to 1 against it happening, a septillion is 1 followed by 24 zeros, in other words unfathomable, impossible!

In 1993 Joan won 5.4 million dollars, that was her first win, thirteen years later she won 2 million dollars, 2 years later she won another 3 million dollars and finally 2 years later in 2010 she won another 10 million dollars.

Coincidence is a science that until today remains undiscovered, we do not know why certain things happen the way they do, or why they happen during the time they do. Why certain events that seem extraordinary or even ridiculous happen to certain people and does not happen to others.

Some scientists came up with explanations of why Joan won 4 times, it is suggested that she figured out the algorithm of how to win , which is a strong possibility, for as established it is outrageously incomprehensible for someone to win the lottery 4 times; it makes more sense that it was calculated not based on sheer luck. According to Nathaniel Rich, the Harper’s story’s author “there are only one septillion stars in the universe, and one septillion grains of sand on Earth. A person with Ginther’s kind of luck, would only happen once every quadrillion years.”

Coincidence can be ridiculous, the way life plans fate is inexplicable, the way it carves our paths without our intervention is bizarre, the way we are oblivious to its work is irritating, and its unpredictableness can be even threatening.

Whether the unusual or the impossible comes at us through nature, events, or coincidences we are meant to live the uncommon to shape our destinies, whether that be meeting your kindergarten friend at a cafe or winning the lottery 4 times in a lifetime.

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