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Me, Texting and WhatsApp

By: Mohammed Hamed ​2/3/2017


WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat!​
These are the first things you check when you wake up, when you are in the bathroom, while eating, when you lose hope to understand in classes, while studying, and before going to sleep.
Smartphones have many benefits. It made communication with others more easier and not only with friends or employers but with our families as well.
However, texting is a waste of time. Not because of the idea of just sending messages but we also waste our time in thinking about what we should say and how we should say it. Thinking about choosing words and emoticons wisely.
And recently, we started to analyze ourselves and the people we talk with through texting, which is dangerous.
There are some categories we classify ourselves and others under that are not accurate.
The “caps lock” category: 
-My mind: yeah, I’m funny I knew i
-Him/her: haha
-Mmind: Panic mode. Ok, I know it’s not even funny! why did I say that?! why did I say that?!
The “E7m” category:
-Me: Can you send me notes….?
-Him/her: K
-My mind: They hate me-Me: Ezayak?
-Him/her: Tamam
-My mind: Ah wana tamam elhamdulah

The” emoji’s” category:
Emoticons also tend to make our lives easier; we can express feelings and acts.
The “erza3” category
Guys also were creative when it came to starting conversations with girls.
They created the most innovative excuses to grab their crush’s attention.


These blue ticks are sometimes useful and sometimes they start problems, as the latest WhatsApp and Facebook updates give us the chance to see if anyone ignores the other; the blue ticks can be a sign of ignorance and we never really consider that the person we’re texting is busy or not available, but we keep telling ourselves that they’re ignoring us. That’s the best and easiest way to destroy our relationships.

​That’s why you can’t make a blue mark control your life and the way you deal with people because there will always be misunderstanding and miscommunications on social media; you might think that the person is pissed off because they didn’t put an emoji or something . If you want someone, pick up the phone and talk to them, don’t hide behind the Texting Curtains. Try not to lose your human identity and transfer yourself to a robot.

It’s great to communicate with family on a WhatsApp groups and share stuff with your friends , but always remember that this is not the real life, communicate more in reality and you’ll see different people with different masks and faces. 

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