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By: Noha Khaled Date: 05/09/2017


Meet “Khayal” band, A State of Imagination

      On 25th of October 2014, a group of youth took a train to a spectral dimension, when they arrived to the destination; they sat gazing at the infinite ocean blues and closed their eyes entering their subconscious mind to find an answer. A droplet of water fell, with a vision of all of them.
​Semi awake and he was not sure, if this would be the prophecy of their future, or something else, if they could really get there! They wondered if they are meant to make this vision come true, they definitely need a type of great sorcery, or maybe a time machine.  

This intro could be described as a gate to the world of their songs (قطر) (نقطة مطر) (بحر)(آلةزمن) to name a few, as this is about  different kind of art, passionate oriented members, surreal music, enchanting vocals.

“KHAYAL” is an authentic Rock/metal band. It started in 2014; let’s meet the 6 members behind this story


Ahmed Tarek


Ramy Hamdy “Bass Guitarist”


Mohab El-sherbiny


Hanya Mahmoud “Vocalist”
“KHAYAL” started by “Mohab El Sherbiny” and “Ahmed Tarek”. They have studied business together besides they are life-time friends. Both of them have passion for music. Ahmed’s Elder brother, “Ezz tarek”, who has finished studying marketing, has the same talent within. The three decided to delve into music.
Consequently the drummer
 “Zyad Nabil”, a communication engineering student and “Ramy Hamdy”, the base guitarist joined them. With no doubt, their band could not be completed without an enchanting female vocalist, “Hanya Mahmoud”, an English literature student.  


Ezz Tarek “Vocalist and song writer”


Zeyad Nabil “Drummer”
“KHAYAL” started with adding their own take on few songs and made prominent covers for Emily Browning’s “Sweet Dreams”, and “ Tears in Heaven” for Eric Clapton, till their first song comes to light, (قطر). The train started their fan base, and they keep going making another successful hit (بحر).
“KHAYAL” got the hype so rapidly. They started to work days and nights on their first album. With a lot of rehearsals and hard work, they finally made their dream alive. In May 2016, their first album (
اول و مش اخر مرة ) was released. 
Their album debut week was phenomenal; it made its way to the top chart, and hit the 2nd place right after Amr Diab’s album at Virgin Megastore.  
“KHAYAL’s” album is consisted of 6 songs and an attached story to read, while listening to the songs, the story resembles your pass ticket that allows you to enter their state of imagination.    

The band is preparing for a new single in 2017; their schedule is busy with several concerts, as they hold some performances at Emerald Plaza, the Greek Campus, and Al Sawy Cultural Wheel. They also contributed in the Arab Rock concert.
To keep on track of their upcoming concerts, check their official FB page:

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