“The Brain is wider than the sky”

By: Dina Farouk 9/7/2016


“The Brain is wider than the sky”
Emily Dickinson

Generally, Psychology is a science that helps in clarifying and understanding the patterns of human behavior and emotions. The importance of such science is undeniable; it impacts relationships, work, environments, societies etc. It is also important for self-knowledge, self-development and understanding others. In our day, it saddens me to say that few people pay attention to such huge science and people with mental illness are labeled as crazy. This stereotype needs to be tackled as it affects the one who is psychologically disturbed negatively and their families as well. Mental disorders are classified into different categories and under each type falls other subtypes. For instance, schizophrenia or paranoia fall under personality disorder, bipolar or depression fall under mood disorders, phobias fall under anxiety disorders and so on and so forth.
Visiting a psychiatrist is not something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it shows how much you understand yourself and the extent to which you acknowledge the importance of Psychology. In Nelly Karim’s Sokoot Hor, there was a statement that summed up how people think and to quote:
This was when a mother asked why would her daughter visit a psychiatrist without her knowledge. I think now it is clearer.
Also, Ghada Abdel-Razek tackled this issue indirectly in Ma3 Sabk El Esrar, when they considered seeing a psychiatrist a shame and something that no one should know about. This is how people perceive seeing psychiatrists and mental illness. Which is indeed, disappointing.

They always say that mental pain is more agonizing than physical pain. . Depression is not just feeling despair for a couple of days. Depression is losing the will for living. Severe depression leads to suicide at many times. Bipolar is not just having mood swings, bipolar is a serious disorder that has two episodes, manic and depressive episodes. The manic episode is basically feeling euphoria, literally. It lasts around a month or even more. Same applies for the depression phase which has so many forms. Anti-social is not being an introvert, anti-social is being a psychopath or a sociopath. If you have watched or read Gone Girl, you would probably understand, if not, then I recommend you read or watch it. The mental illnesses list is endless. The mentally disturbed are NOT “crazy”, mental illness can be because of genetics, environments and societies, family influences and learning, individual risk factors, neurobiology and a lot more than that! Parents negligence, ignorance and the way they bring up their kids are huge factors in developing mental disorders, just saying! 

Mental illness is a disability causing distress reflecting biological or psychological function of an individual. To be able to classify mental illness, there are criteria by which it can be figured, like suffering, mal-adaptivity, deviancy, violations of the standards of society, irrationality and unpredictability. Diagnosing a disorder is not easy and there is a process called clinical assessment and diagnosis by which they are able to carefully and precisely diagnose a disorder. It is a difficult process because one disorder cannot stand alone, the factor of comorbidity is always present. Like for example, depression is comorbid with substance abuse and anxiety.

Anxiety can sometimes be comorbid with obsessive compulsive disorder. Eating disorders are sometimes comorbid with personality disorders or depression or obsessive compulsive disorder…a non-ending list of connections. With that said, Psychology is an extremely important factor in our lives. Just like biology, its importance and existence is undeniable. 

Stereotypes should be destructed!

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