The Egyptian who worked at NASA!

By: Dina Farouk, ​28/7/2016

This man who made us all proud was born in 1938 in Mansoura, Egypt. He received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Geology from Ain-Shams University, in Egypt. Then he received a Master’s degree of Science in Geology from Missouri School of Science and Technology (Back then it was called Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy) as well as his Doctorate Degree; after conducting a research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This man who made all Egyptians proud is FAROUK EL-BAZ.

Dr. El Baz prepared a presentation for NASA and got rejected a million times. He did not give up. He tried until he succeeded in the end. He helped NASA plan the most suitable location for Apollo to land on the Moon. Yes, this noble Egyptian did that. From the year 1967 to 1972, Dr. Farouk was associated in the Apollo Program as Supervisor of Lunar Science Planning at Bellcomm Inc. that is a division of AT&T that conducted systems analysis for NASA. During those years, he was the Secretary of the Landing Site Selection Committee for the Apollo lunar landing missions, Principal Investigator of Visual Observations and Photography and Chairman of the Astronaut Training Group and his teaching capabilities were exceptional that they were confirmed and acknowledged by the astronauts in the Apollo mission. 

When we say we cannot be any prouder, we are wrong because Dr. El-Baz received many awards for his notable achievements; NASA’s Apollo Achievement Award, Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, Certificate of Merit of the World Aerospace Education Organization, Republic of Egypt Order of Merit – First Class, 1989 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Egyptian American Organization, 1991 Golden Door Award of the International Institute of Boston.

That is not all, he also was given an Honorary Doctor of Science from New England College, a professional degree and an Honorary Doctor of Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, a Doctor of Laws from the American University in Cairo and also an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from Mansoura University. 
And no, the list did not end here, his achievements are countless! Go see for yourself! 

Dear Dr. Farouk, you made us all proud, all generations, everyone. May you always be a role model! 
Success comes from within. Do not keep searching for a hanger to hang your blames on. Do not blame your parents for not supporting you, do not blame your school for not providing you with good education, blame yourself for not reaching out for your dreams no matter what your circumstances are.

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