By: Mohamed Hamed 15/3/2017


“Ladies and gentlemen…“ wait, what? Am I really on that stage?


​It’s what I’ve always dreamed of, planned to, and waited so long for.

Yes, I had the opportunity to be a speaker in TEDxYouth@MNS.
It all started in October in 2016 when my sister encouraged me to apply to tell my story and experience with everyone. But let me tell you, how my dreams changed from being Captain Majid when I grow up, to traveling away after finishing school to getting good grades in college and finally to realizing what life is all about. It’s about leaving a footprint.
It doesn’t matter how or when or where. It matters only on how I was an influence on others. That’s why dreaming about inspiring and helping others by different sources like words, or actions is pretty necessary. But I chose both!
I used my actions to express my words.

​The event’s theme focused on the importance of looking for our future and stop missing trains that carry our dreams. I used every detail in my life, whether it’s about my family who always have my back, my friends who are my family, or my failures and pain who are just my mentor to success. 

Stop! please stop thinking, these thoughts are killing me. Why do I have to care too much about what people would think of me? why can’t I trust myself?

These were some of the thoughts racing through my head as I was taking each step going up on stage. I’m here because they chose me, why do I belittle myself?
Believe me when I say, sometimes freezing is a healthy solution because negative thoughts and anxiety will only take you one step back. ​During the wait for my turn to speak, I was listening to other speakers. That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever done, not because of being scared they’d do better, they were all good speakers and we were all there to deliver a message. The problem was I felt that my eyes following the speakers as they pace around, were blind and my ears were listening, listening to thoughts, thoughts drowning in my mind. However, one of these thoughts were the key to everything when it whispered to me a part of my talk. “Listen” it said. If don’t concentrate and show respect to what other speakers say, no one will listen to me. So, I decided to release my mind from stress and just listen. On the other hand, I wished I had a way to forward time. I wished traveled through time, to see If I should escape or not. Then it hit me, only 5 minutes left before the big moment.
“……Mohamed Hamed” that’s my name! Am I really here or this is one of my craziest dreams?
​Oh, they’re looking at me! Okay, I’ll make it the way I want. 

​Of course, some were there to disturb my dream and because I know that misfortune is pursuing me, there were some accidental technical problems! but who cares! who cares when you find people clap after every moment of disturbance to encourage you, who cares when you feel that your story is valuable, who cares when you see smiles on your eyes and hear supportive words like you were really great, who cares when you find someone ask for your advice, who cares when you find yourself take a picture with people you don’t know, who cares?
Because you’re leaving a footprint.

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