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Where to sit at MIU according to your personality?

By: Jasmin Adel, ​8/9/2016



Skipping the tunnel and the tent, as a Mass Communication student who always hang out at the بلاعة (or let’s just say the gap between the N and S buildings), I was always asked why, of all places, I chose this one. So, here I am. Answering in a much more detailed way, stating each and every spot from my own point of view (with no offence to anyone)1 – RtoGo = Fashionistas and A-class cool guys :
This is the place where Pharmacy and Dentistry students feel the most uncomfortable at. It’s like MIUians’ sahel. They’re usually Business and Mass Comm students (excluding myself) who never wore the same outfit twice. Everyone is well-dressed, everyone’s hair is fabulous, everyone is fit and everyone is reading for a dive in the sea! It’s a place where cool guys look for much cooler girls to hangout with. Average just doesn’t fit there.
“Why don’t you stay there?”
“… Ummm because I’m not cool enough”.

2 – Spot = B class cool guys :
They’re still cool and they are much less judgmental. You can stay there; you definitely won’t be defiling some cool guy’s favorite smoke spot. People are more sociable there, there’s where they skip lectures, buy some junk food or just chill with some fancy music. But let’s just say that this is a safe-to-approach zone.
(I still don’t know why they call it “spot”, apparently because some famous restaurant lived there someday)

3 – Cinnabon = We-are-cool-but-we-study-too
They smoke, they enjoy their time, they can even drink beer if it’s allowed on campus! But they’re this kind of cool kids who appreciate how much time, effort and money their parents spend for them to have such luxury. They care about studying, they care about attending lectures (doesn’t have to be on time though) and they care about having fun! There’s no room for hate around here! Only love, ripped jeans and (maybe, later) cropped shirts !

4 – Pharmacy Hallway = My crush is coming in 3-2-1 !
To be more precise, I’m talking about the small hallway that links Penguin with the deceased CookDoor, that links the world of the Mass Comm/Business with Dentistry/Pharmacy and every other college. You have to walk from there to get to where you want. The average cool guy spends his time sitting down at the edge of the garden and awaits his freshman (or maybe senior) crush. And so does girls, of course! Life is not all about studying and making suppository for crying out loud! Are we going to spend a number of thousand EGP and not fall in love ONCE !?

5 – Pharmacy Garden = Step two: we go on a date !
Let’s talk for a second about this awful thing the university did, which is short sizing the only well-grown garden on the entire campus to fill more places for newcomers! One word: WHY!? Although it gave birth to the beautiful Transit, a tiny but fast-spreading virus came along.
Under the trees, in the shade with some hot beverage of your choice, grab your ( or just a random ) girl and sit down and talk deep ! All couples gather there! It’s like a dating app was constructed for lovers to meet in MIU, with the red rose and everything else!

6 – S/N = Actual cool peeps !
You’re probably thinking that I’m just saying that because it’s my favorite place to hangout. But, no, absolutely (yes)… Just give it a minute; when you’re not in a lecture, or eating or running around like a maniac to do or submit an assignment, the “sewer” is just for you!
Apart from the all-time well aired spot, it also has the best people from dentistry! The nerds are probably somewhere hiding their faces in textbooks and the wanna-be-cool guys are probably running to RtoGo in an attempt to catch a Mass Communication student. Now, where does your average dentistry student go? You got it right!
You might also find some outsiders at this place, but they’ll never make you feel like an outsider!
( I was mistaken for a Dentistry student for an entire year ! )

7 – Adams = Nerds like to chill too !If you’re a nerd and not very good with talking to new people, Adams is the right place for you! It’s a good place to grab a bite but not to spend every assembly hour at! It’s isolated from real life, from the action of the campus! Yes, you might find some good action (and sweat) going on the football field, but Adams’ people don’t go there !

8 – Libraries = Need I say more ?So, you have two libraries. First one is the main library, where nerds from Alsun, Engineering or Computer Science go too, but never a medical student! Some people also go for the library as a way to hang out with their friends in a quiet place.
Well, flash alert, this place is meant to stay quiet, it’s quiet because you’re not here.
Second one is the scientific library, where you’ll find Dentistry students eat their textbooks or look on the shelves for more because they just don’t get enough. I also like to stay there, with my laptop and my earphones, no one to bother me, only nerds and books surround me .
What a delight !​

Do you agree with my opinion ?

Do you have other places that I did not mention ?

Like and share and tell us your favorite spot at MIU !

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