Happily Ever After

Why did she friendzone you? Well…

By: Eman Fouda, ​21/9/2016


Talking to your crush can be tough; she’s playing hard to get, you are not socially smart or fun to hang out with, and most of the time when you try talking to her it’s awkward and you end up blushing and making a fool out of yourself. But let me tell you something you can be an idiot all you want, embarrass yourself and be a complete fool in front of her (Who knows it might look cute), but whatever you do DON’T INTRODUCE HER TO YOUR BEST FRIEND thinking that he’ll hitch the two of you, and this is for the girls too.Why? Well, if there is any chance for you with this girl you just ruined it forever. If you are thinking I am exaggerating and i know nothing about your friendbecause “hwa gada3 awy”, well I amsurehe is.

It’s like you are introducing her to a more confident, self-assured version who knows how to get girls and is probably much cuter and outgoing. It’slike taking your mom to school to solve your problems. It never goes right; and I guarantee you there is a 90% chance she will fall for your friend and friend zone you, and here we’ll face one of these scenarios:

  1.  You have a really good friend and he’ll step back and tell you that she likes him, but then you’ll end up hating him and losing both your crush and your friend.
  2. He is not that gada3 after all and he’ll fall for her claiming that it’s not his fault and she doesn’t like you anyway. You’ll spend your time wonderinghow your friend transformed into this backstabbing guy, how your crush became this arrogant self-centered girl who doesn’t appreciate a thing you did for her. You’ll start listening to songs like “Lefybeenayadonya” and “7alawet roo7”, whereas the truth is; it’s your own fault, you have no one to blame but yourself.

There is one thing girls like more than a good looking guy, it’s the confident guy who tries so hardto get her, and if she turns you down at least you get to keep all your friends to support you.

So please man up and tell her that you like her. Good luck!

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