Why is it extremely difficult to be a working mom in Egypt?

By: Eman Fouda, ​8/9/2016


1 – Maternal leaves in Egypt are the worst, you only get 3 months, in some places it’s only 40 days!!! and even though it tears your heart apart and drives you crazy to leave your 3 months infant in a nursery or with a relative for 8 hours minimum you have to do it, aside from the fact that you are forced to give your baby formula milk and deny him your breast milk which will affect his health.

2 – To be a working mom in Egypt you have to have a dedicated mom or mother in-law who are willing to sacrifice her time and effort daily for your kids and still you can’t rely on her 100% after all she has a life too and in certain cases she is too old and tired for this baby issue. If you don’t have an available mom or mother in-law you have a serious problem.

3 – Having a sick baby and forcing yourself to leave him and go is the hardest thing in the world especially that you would probably be sick too.

4 – Every mom knows that leaving your kid at a nursery before he/she is 2 means recurrent infections, endless doctor appointments, and sometimes you will have to stay with him at home so basically it’s pointless.

5 – The problem with nurseries is that they open till 6pm maximum so if you want to go outside to enjoy a nice evening with your friends or to go shopping after a long hard working day or work in afternoon shifts you have a problem.

6 – The concept of a babysitter doesn’t exist in Egypt, so you’ll have to get a full-time nanny which is not an easy option as well. And here is why:

  • You can never get a trustworthy Egyptian nanny, you will have to deal with hygiene, culture and insecurity problems and she will probably be a child which is something I personally don’t think is a good idea to get a child to take care of your child.
  • If you get a Philippine or an African nanny she is also not totally trustworthy and will cost you a fortune as they get paid in dollars.

So hang in there working moms we get your struggle, hats off to all of you.


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