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Writer’s block, what to do?

By: Dina Farouk ​29/9/2016

If you’re a writer, you’d probably understand the pain! Having a writer’s block can be one’s worst nightmare, especially if it’s what he does for a living. Not being able to meet deadlines or not being able to write something interesting for that matter. You keep rambling on and on (just like I’m doing now).

Well, I’m not in the place to tell you what to do when you’re having a writer’s block, especially if you’ve been having it for days. You can only feel my struggle.
I start my laptop, open a blank word document and stare at the screen for long periods.
Then what? Nothing really, I just get back to watching Mr. Robot or Pretty Little Liars (yes, I love to watch it, since 2010, I was 16, I can’t give up now) 

Google “writer’s block” and many links will pop up on how to beat it. Honestly, those “advices” don’t really work with me. One says brew coffee, listen to music, call a friend, go for a walk…etc. So when I listen to music, I’ll get back to writing? Seriously? I say, let it be, let it take its time, you’ll get back on track (and that’s what they’ll advise you to avoid, duh)

So yeah, if you’re having a writer’s block, just turn off your brain and binge watch some series or reality TV shows to free your mind. Inspiration will sure come at some point, hopefully soon though. 

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