By: Gihan Khairy

Does Winter make you “sad”?

Flashes of Black and white images, too much caffeine, too much sugar, what is happening? Is it Depression or is it just cold outside..? 
First of all, Winter is a disaster, people may like it or they may not but they just get “SAD”.
SAD is not only sad but also a “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, this may be due to changes in your internal clock that come with the changes of the seasons, mostly late in Autumn and winter. It’s a lack of sunlight exposure, however, some people with the opposite pattern have symptoms that begin in spring or summer. In either case, symptoms may start out mild and become more severe as the season progresses.

SAD can begin at any age. However, it is more likely to develop before the age of 21, and is twice as likely to develop in women than in men.

How could you spot the signs of SAD or Spring/Summer Depression as they are so easy to recognize, for example: 

  • Trouble sleeping ( Insomnia)/Oversleeping
  • Tiredness or low energy 
  • Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Sensitivity to rejection 
  • Weight gain/Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in Appetite 
  • Panic Attacks 
  • Feeling of guilt and worries 
  • Weakened immune system 
  • Alcohol or Drug abuse 
  • Lack of Concentration 

Although these symptoms are somehow easy to recognize but a study suggests that doctors appear to have lack of awareness of the conditions.
Just as no two people are affected the exact same way by depression, there is no “one size fits all” treatment that cures depression, yet we can provide some tips to help you get over it and improve your mood.

1-Stay away from negativity 
Negative energy is a complete Destroyer, when you enclose negative energy you attract negative people and negative mood swings. you become a negative energy magnet so try to stay positive as much as you can.

2-Change your life style 
Change your daily routine, change yourself, motivate yourself and become a doer. 
3-Regular exercise 
Sports not only change your mood and improve your metabolism, but also change your routine like we said before, it keeps you healthy and clears your mind. If you don’t have enough time to play soccer, Basketball, Tennis or anything you are interested in, JUST RUN. Running is very easy and very effective of course. 
4- Stay Connected 
Never ever, ever stay alone, our minds work efficiently whenever we are alone, we keep overthinking and remember things we hate or things we miss, which of course is unhealthy if we can’t overcome it.
5- Read more 
Read, not only about your depression and how to recognize it or cure it. Read about everything, reading is very helpful to keep your mind busy and healthy of course. When you read and imagine your mind is at its best, so always train it and never hate it. 
In the end of this article, we would like to say that you are the master of yourself. Whenever you decide to lead your mind you will make the change happen in whichever direction you are aiming at.
Everything starts with your will.