By: Mohamed Hamed

It’s my queen’s day

She doesn’t need many lines or complex words to describe her. She is the first one who crosses your mind every time something unexpected happens and her words hit, making you wonder how she can do that! she is always right!
Then, you realize that She is not a normal person like me and you; you cannot count the number of services she did, does and will do for you and your family because simply, they’re not services, they’re love, care, and respect.
That’s what makes her so special, so unique. That’s what makes her our mother.

If you have the chance to choose who you are, who will you be?! 
If you reply with what’s on top of your mind, that might take you to some unrelated crazy thoughts full of fiction characters like Harry Potter, Simba, Mulan…. etc. 
But if you deeply think about it, then definitely, you’ll hesitate. 
Don’t dwell on the past, how good or bad the memories you made, they will be incomparable to those upcoming. 
You will never make up your mind except if you put your life at risk adding a new member to your family. If you know how patient you’re going to be when you have to listen to a crying baby for hours or even days. If your name is one’s first word, if you understand what a baby wants to say and that’s only if you were her…. A mother.

On the 21st of March every year, this day creates a problem to most of us, although there are 2 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

  1. Money, which comes with a lot of confusion, representing one of the easiest and most convenient. However, there’s another, less expensive way that needs effort and patience. 
  2. Recalling the famous line “ana baba yala”, why don’t we rephrase it to “ana mama yala” and use it for to do what a mother does inside the house. You wake up early, prepare breakfast, clean the house, do it, prepare lunch, and don’t forget to clean the dishes. Simple and low-cost but needs effort and open eyes. 

For me, this is one of the things I’ll be proud of and i’ll make sure to tell to my children all about it. 
Because actions speak louder than words, this gesture will show my mother how grateful I am for her existence. 
Importantly, your mother will appreciate it,  appreciation has no end while money has. Always believe that during times of greatest darkness, mothers give birth to light.

Happy mother’s day.