By: Malak Tera

Let go of the past,
​Fight for your future!

We all look back from time to time and we all get that sentimental, dreamy emotion that drives us to go through our old messages, listen to old music, visit places in our heads, and ruminate on relationships that may be over or even daydream about the beginnings of ongoing ones.

The past is always provocative, pulling us to think about it more than the usual, making us feel nostalgic and constantly wanting to relive old memories. The past is vicious, but also valuable and sometimes it is helpful; it’s a double-edged weapon.

Fantasizing about the past may be linked with depression and social anxiety. It may as well be an indication that you’re unsatisfied with your present. Therefore, you resort to living in history to distract yourself from current circumstances that are boring you or not meeting your expectations. But, Do your thoughts about the past stand in the way of your present? If yes, then you are letting the past win over a battle that should be yours and you should face it sooner or later by your own.

The problem with dwelling on the past is that you block yourself from new memories, but you shouldn’t let it prevent you from living now, so if that’s the case, you need to spice things up a bit. Meeting new people or engaging in new activities can help you live in the present more and will give you less time to be trapped in a phase that’s long gone.

On the bright side, the past is what keeps all our happy memories, ones that we should “not cry because they’re over, but smile because they happened”. Besides, looking back to the past is a way to measure the degree of our accomplishment and see how far we have come, comparing to where we stand now. This will help us pursue the changes we need and get a clear insight of where we are headed.

Sometimes it’s hard to leave an incident behind and move on. Although we know we can’t change it and we know moving on is the right thing to do, we are just unable to do anything but dwell on it and worry. Nearly everyone does that at some point, but if you’re not careful, you can get stuck reminiscing and fail to ever move forward and nobody wants that.

​Just give everything its due; live in the present but don’t forget the past and remember that the past is who did this to you, even it’s good or bad, experience is always a requirement in our relation with the world.  Better yet, try to use the past to your advantage and understand that memories are a mixed blessing; the bad ones hurt, and the good ones also hurt, but only if you let them.