List of activities you can enjoy with your toddler

“Encourage and support your kids, because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them ”
 – Ladybird Johnson

1.Dance party:
Sing your toddler’s favorite song and start dancing he will love it.
2.Reading stories
Even if you think the story is too big for him to understand improvise and twist the story to fit his little imagination (try a little acting as well like the lion roaring or the bus going around)
3.Watch a movie together
Watch a movie with him I know that you save the movie time for when you are not available but watching with him and talking to him about the movie will make you his favorite person to talk to.
4.Pillow jumping:
Throw some pillows or cushions on the floor and jump on them (Don’t touch the ground), this will help develop his motor skills.
5.Tower building:
With mega blocks, lego or even simple matchsticks will do
6.Make animal sounds and movements
8.Hide and seek
9.Simon says:
Or maybe mama says this could help if you want him to do some chores or help you with something, start with raise your hand or close your eyes and then proceed to pick stuff from the floor or clean the mess.
10.Cook together, make him mix or add ingredients
11.Pretend games:
Like pretend to be firefighters who puts off fire, police officers catching the bad guys or courage men hitting all the monsters
12.Indoor exercise:
If you want to work out but can’t find time believe it or not your toddler can help, he will love jumping, running and doing all moves with you, he will even push you more as he will refuse to stop and urge you to go on when you feel tired.
13.Give toys a bath:
It doesn’t matter what is it, an animal or a car they can have a bath, just make sure their colors won’t come off with water and stick to your kid’s hand.
14.Pretend game with toys:
Make a race with his cars or build a giant garage with car wash, fuel station and a mechanic. Simply pretend to have a tea party for your little girl or building a zoo for all the poor animals who can’t find a shelter.

The most valuable thing you can spend with your kids is your time no need for expensive toys or luxurious daycare or babysitter just have a few laughs with them that will do.