Living room 101, Tips for decorating your shelves – Inkless

By: Engy Mosleh

Living room 101, Tips for decorating your shelves


Open shelves can be a real tricky thing in open spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid, so it either flatters your rooms appearance, or make it look like a total mess. 
You might think it’s a hard thing to manage, but we will try to make it easier for you. First of all Get Rid of the Clutter, Even these beloved souvenirs from college. 

1 – Even Mix of Six Rule :
      It’s as high fashion home think that every Well-styled shelves has those things in common

  • Your favorite books : Buying a book for it’s cover isn’t a sin, Some books (specially design and fashion books) would stand out as an accessory. 
  • Tall Accent Pieces : Shelves that are really tall need a taller item in them, otherwise it will look like something is missing, or you just can place objects on a stack of books for added height.
  • Picture frames : Just don’t overdo it (except if u want to!), few simple frames to tell your story would be a lovely touch. 
  • Something green : Don’t turn it into a garden, but some greenery (even faux) brings life to your room.
  • Sculptures/objects of Interest : Something to break the repetitive lines of books & bring different texture to the place.
  • Beautiful boxes : Nowadays you can find beautiful boxes everywhere, it will bring depth to your shelves (and you can hide those little tiny things that got thrown everywhere inside. 

2 – Display a collection :
     It seems like obvious thing to do (but how!). Don’t spread your collection all over the shelves, stack them together in one shelf            close to each other so it doesn’t look like a big mess. 

3 – Stack books vertically and horizontally :     Don’t stack all your books onto one shelf, it will look heavy; instead spread them among your shelves in mini stacks that balances      eachother.
4 – Add your Secret Ingredient :     My secret ingredient in Red sauce is Sugar, you can’t see it, but it gives it a different personal taste. Same goes with your shelf, if      it’s too formal add a vibrant Colorful piece, if it’s so retro add a classic sculpture. Add your Different Touch. 
5 – Character ! Character !     The more it’s personal, the more it’s Your shelf, Your old B&W pictures, some seashells you collected from your last trip to red           sea, stacked into a glass bottle you bought from your last visit to some local market (khan el khalili maybe!) ..The more it’s You…It      shows your uniqueness.

At the End, decorating your shelf is a bit of science a bit of art and you can’t master it from the first time, you can start, get frustrated, leave it as it is and try later.
Don’t enforce it, it’s like playful recipe for a sweet cake, it takes time and experiment.
Give it a shot and share with us pictures of your unique shelves.