Social anxiety? – Inkless

By: Dina Farouk

Social anxiety?

​Everybody ought to do at least two things each day that he hates to do, just for practice

I can’t agree more with this quote! 

We’d probably be fooling ourselves if we said we haven’t been socially anxious at least once in our lives. Social Anxiety is a very common issue for most people, especially teenagers and young adults. Many environmental factors can cause social anxiety. You can be socially anxious from the simplest social interactions like on your first day in college or when you get your first job. All these and other factors make you feel self-conscious.
But when should you worry? 
You are your own mirror, your own doctor. 
  • When you realize that a simple conversation with a stranger makes you very uncomfortable and self-conscious that you avoid it, then, I’m sad to say that here starts the problem. 
  • When your days are full of fear, avoidance, anxiety and worry. That’s when you realize that you have a problem. 
  • When you avoid going out, not because you’re lazy but because you fear that people would judge you or eye you in the streets, then you should seek help. 
  • When you would avoid waiting in any queues fearing talking to strangers or people staring at you.
  • When you get really nervous before talking on the phone with your boss or some stranger.
In a nutshell, when social anxiety interferes with your social life and daily functioning in a way or another, you should seek help.  

It’s best to acknowledge your problem and get help. 

Once, I had this event that I should show up at, alone! You can imagine the pressure I had. I went there and enjoyed the event, I even made two new friends and socialized with many people, different ages, different cultures and different backgrounds. 

This anxiety thing is all in your head. You shouldn’t hide behind this wall of fear, try to break it, try to pass over it, try to get out of your comfort zone and let me tell you, it feels great! 
As an unknown author said: “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do” try and live by this quote, you’ll love the difference!