Sweat pants or backpacks, we owe it to Fashion Drivers – Inkless

By: Samar El-Morally

Sweat pants or backpacks, we owe it to Fashion Drivers 

We can agree that there are several types of drivers. Not only the ones behind the wheels could be called drivers, as it is obvious from the title, there are the ones behind dressing rooms, lots of shopping stores who bring the latest trends to the scene, and if you give yourself a little bit of time getting ready in the morning or you prefer the minimalistic look, you have to admit you’ve fallen into the following some fashion trends, and we all owe it to the fashion drivers. 

With that being said, there are some interesting trends that the fashion drivers introduced into the scene, that were a typical No before, from rocking leather jackets on floral dresses to wearing formal blazers on jeans and heels, so here are few of the trends fashion drivers introduced and the walkers by followed:

1- Sweat pants
We all agree that most of us use this trend to the most. Since fashion icons started wearing sweat pants on some colorful walking shoes and look exactly on point, people followed this trend like no other, because, why not wear your comfy sweat pants to the super market or to run an errand and still look like those good looking fashion icons or those dedicated ones who hit the gym on daily basis. 
They’ve been styled so chic by fashion gurus, specially the running shoes, their colors are endless from pastels to even floral ones, and what’s being so appreciated about them here is the comfort part!  And who would have thought that superstar and white sneakers would look so chic on loose dresses and even semi-formal outfits
3- Backpacks:
Now you do not goodbye backpacks by the end of your Highschool, Backpacks are being styled by the fashion when the trend started when the high end fashion houses released leather mini ones, from LV, MK and Kate Spade. We are making use of this one as we could finally put everything we need in a decent looking bag, and even when it’s in a mini fun size, its still hassle free. 
4-Boyfriend Jeans:
We can add Mom jeans and ripped jeans to the category as well. This trend gives you the full right to wear comfy, loose jeans as named, inspired from boys’ jeans, so they don’t enjoy their comfy jeans alone. And again, fashion gurus started combining these jeans with some edgy leather jackets and they got it on point, and now the flower stitching joined the game and the result is pretty good looking. 
It’s just nice when you can add pieces to your wardrobe that you had no idea how you would style and turn out really practical and stylish in the same time and it all goes to the fashion drivers, who can be both thanked for inspiring us and some other times, could be blamed for making us making bad fashion decisions, that will last years to dwell on.