The Butterfly Effect – Inkless

By: Malak El-Shamy

The Butterfly Effect

An epiphany is a striking realization, an insightful apprehension that allows a situation to be understood from a whole other different perspective. Have you ever had one, where you suddenly connect the knots and recognize that the reason behind your life altering, the biggest event of your lifetime is the single most simplest occurrence of detail.
Every feature of our lives has an undeniable importance in redefining our futures no matter how trivial it might seem. This is not just a belief, that small things matter too, it’s a scientific theory that proves that even the smallest steps one takes can change the course of life eternally, this theory is known as The Butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect has been introduced half a century ago by Edward Lorenz, a MIT professor who suggested that something as ordinary and tiny as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a tornado halfway around the world. All our choices once chosen translate into action, resembling the wing fluttering of the butterfly, these choices can take the course of our lives somewhere while other slightly different choices can change our lives immensely in a completely different direction.

Before 1905, Adolf Hitler whom we know today as the initiator of World War 2, the deadliest war in the course of human history, was just an aspiring art student. Hitler moved to Vienna to study arts but got rejected by the academy of fine arts in Vienna twice, later on he joined the German army and swirled from one position to the other, until he was given the leading position of one of the strongest countries in the world.  Imagine if Hitler got into the academy of fine arts, how different the world will be today?

The black Hand, a secret Serbian society, was a gorilla group that planned the assassination of the Austrian Arshduke Franz Ferdinand, they assigned Gavrilo Princip for the mission, but after his attempt failed, Princip casually decided to stop for lunch at a café. Impossibly, at the same exact time Franz Ferdinand walks out of that same café allowing Princip the perfect shot, which Princip takes. This incident is believed to be the cause that launched World War 1, and eventually World War 2. Imagine if Princip didn’t stop at that particular Café for that sandwich at that time, how completely different our world and our lives would be today
Life is a spiral web, every thread is backed by another thread, every cord is connected to another million ones, and they all lead to the same finale, they all contribute to the same output. Every step we take in our lives is a choice, even if it’s too trifle, even if it’s too easy or even if it’s a choice that was performed mindlessly like how Princip stopped for a sandwich. It matters, all our deeds, every occasion that befalls us matters, every struggle that interrupts our paths, every opportunity, every task matters in blooming our lives, in absolutely affecting our lives in an unfathomable way, in making someone or ultimately breaking them.

The universe knows better, the importance of midget details that we overlook because it somehow seems too small, too small to be considered or even recognized. The butterfly effect highlights how we should cherish and pay attention to every detail, to believe in small things, because everything matters, it matters more than we will ever comprehend.