What type of girl are you according to your bag? – Inkless

By: Gihan Khairy

What type of girl are you according to your bag?

Who told you that a girl should have a mirror and a Makeup kit in her bag? Hand Bags are always related to women. That’s right, but actually bags can define the woman and tell you a lot about her, you can say that this woman is fabulous from just her bag or her shoes. Bags are always catchy, but despite this, guys keep commenting about our bags and how big they are. 
They don’t like our bags AND they put their stuff in. 
Despite the mirror thing, there are several types of girls according to their handbags and we find them in our everyday lives. 
The emergency handler
This girl you can find with any emergency stuff for any circumstances, actually you can find medicines especially for headache and cramps, in addition to a sewing kit. And you may also find extra clothes.
This girl is acting as if the apocalypse is about to happen. She is really careful and responsible. Take care.
The Nerd
The girl with the Backpack is here.
Here you can find a comfy look with sweatpants and sneakers. This backpack is filled up with books, several sizes of notes for several reasons and the normal stuff.
This girl is the bookworm, she may know what you’re thinking about from your eyes. May you take care of them too.
The Foodie
I can’t explain more of this because we all have a person like this in our lives, but these types of girls are actually divided into 2 groups. The healthy ones with fruits inside a box and the other one with the very unhealthy snacks who buys them and then regret (and probably eat them alone in the bed because of regretting) but instead she keeps convincing you about eating. 
The Makeup Addict
Actually, we all think that being a girl is about having a huge makeup kit with us around all the time. This type of girl is the girl in the college toilet next to you applying full makeup. But you’re looking at your eyeliner and lip moisturizer with pride and love. 
The Fashionista
The girl with either the most expensive handbags in college or the girl with the brand new unique bag you keep wondering from where she bought it. You keep daydreaming about asking her and you never know because this is a top secret no one should know except her Best-friend, Hush.
The Girly
She’s the one with one color and different types.
Her bags are always pink despite their types. A Handbag or a backpack or even her purse is pink too and she was probably that girl in prep school you looked at and said “where is your hello kitty bag today”? 
The Musician
She is the one who is obsessed with music and bands. And she is either the Metal-head fan who is aware of all the metal and rock bands alive or dead or she is the one who is in love with the underground music. Both are the girls you find in unknown places printing t-shirts or buying accessories from underground stores. 
The Handmade Lover
The Boho Girl, who could travel just to buy a bag for example from Sinai or something, this type of girl is the Handmade addict, she’s in love with all types of bags and clothes that is handmade. She could pay a lot for this too. You can find her making her own bags and accessories by herself with her own style.